Our expertise

CONSULTANCY and ADDED VALUE: we believe that consultancy provision is essentially:
An APPROACH involving customer awareness, proximity, and the focus on providing added value in our interventions or a solution to your requirements, which can influence:  

  • Directly your cash flow, or
  • Your organisation, or
  • Your strategic orientations.

An ABILITY to provide conclusions and advice on the grounds of multidisciplinary competence (finance, accounting, taxation, law, organisation, management), involving as and when required in-house or external specialists, for the purpose of being of assistance in the various stages of your development.

PROFESSIONAL KNOW-HOW: all our associates are outstanding audit and accounting professionals, promoted after a lengthy process of experience and knowledge acquisition, constantly updated, during which they have demonstrated their customer commitment. In addition, each associate and manager develops a high level expertise in one or a limited number of technical domains or industries:


Because small, medium-sized or intermediary entities also need high level professional know-how to remain competitive against the main economic players they have to face, this organisation allows to balance:

  • Your dedicated contact, an individual with a capacity for synthesis and close to you, and
  • Access to specific, high level technical resources.

QUALITY: we operate according to the quality-insurance principles, in compliance with the regulations outlined in the 8th European Directive and the IFAC, which regulate our operations: recruitment, training, methodology, customer communication, delivery of results, quality-control procedures.

Since 1990, GROUPE CONSEIL UNION has been subjected to 5 quality control assessments by the Auditors National Society, 1 by the H3C, and 3 by the Association of Chartered Accountants. AUDIT and CONSEIL UNION is registered with the PCAOB.